At Holland Customized Services (HCS) we offer a wide range of repair modification and manufacturing services to the heavy earth moving industry. 

HCS utilise different machines and technologies for fabrication, repair and manufacturing such as a Doosan 6700 CNC machining centre, 100 tonne hydraulic press, Elsa portable line boring machine, Kemppi fast mig pulse welders and a Gecko robotic welder, just to mention a few. 

  • ROPS, stands for Roll Over Protective Structure
  • FOP, stands for Falling Object Protective Structure
  • OPG, stands for Operator Protection Guard’s

Holland Customized Services now offer a huge range of Roll Over Protection (ROPS) and Falling Object Protection (FOPS) canopies, as well as Operator Protection Guards (OPG) to the Earthmoving, Agriculture, Forestry, and Mining industries.

These canopies and guards are designed and manufactured in house to strict Australian Standards, to protect the operators of heavy machinery when accidents occur.

Our design

Whether you have a particular look in mind, or just want to be compliant and safe, HCS will use IronCAD 3D software to design almost any kind of ROPS and FOPS, guard, and/or bump rail system you may require. Also, we can even supply and install Hyguard BR750 bullet proof Marguard with a finish that’s second to none.

Fabrication and painting

Fabrication begins once the design is complete and our client is happy to proceed. We follow the current Australian Standards, and use high quality Australian steel products to produce the canopy and/or guard, before sandblasting and painting the finished product.

Fit out

HCS will fully fit the new ROPS & FOPS to your machine, complete with the required compliance plate, all as apart of your quoted price. 

Quality assured

HCS use an independent welding inspector to test and assess the integrity of our work. This is done because we want to ensure the quality and strength is up to standard, and of course, fully compliant with strict Australian Standards.

A written report and compliance plate is supplied as apart of the purchase, with every canopy and guard sold.

‘Aftermarket’ refers to parts made for a vehicle, attachment, implement, etc. by a company other than the original manufacturer.

What kind of aftermarket parts can HCS offer?

We can manufacture small one off parts like bushes, pins, spacers, shims, base plates etc. Or we can run programs to create multiple identical pieces.

Holland Customized Services also manage much larger and more complicated orders such as ROPS (Roll Over Protective Structures), FOPS (Falling Object Protective Structures), buckets, guards, stick extensions, rippers, grouser plate extensions, OPG’s and also stick rakes, etc.  

HCS works to the current Australian standards and is compliant in the following:

  • Safety in welding and allied processes (AS1674)
  • Mag particle testing (AS1171)
  • Structural steel welding (AS1554.1)
  • Earthmoving protective structures (AS 2294.1)
  • Rollover protective structures (AS 1636.1) 
  • Non destructive testing (AS 2207)


Holland Customized Services can provide heavy duty MIG, TIG, and Stick welding to almost any industry.

HCS use a number of different welding machines and techniques, to embrace modern technologies, and ensure maximum quality and efficiency during welding tasks. Robotic welding is used where possible to ensure precision, eliminate man made errors, and to maximize efficiency.

While the technology packed Kemppi 450 pulse welder, is used to compliment our versatile boiler-making capabilities, and ensure maximum penetration while welding. This provides a stronger and dependable weld every time.

If you need any welding or fabrication doing please contact us today.

Holland Customized Services CNC plasma cutter has a 3000mm x 1500mm bed size, and can cut up to 50mm thick.

Plasma cutting is modern, precise, and quick, resulting in much more rapid turn around times then conventional cutting practices.

HCS can supply plate up to 50mm if required, or the client is free to provide their own. We can literally save you hours worth of cutting steel using grinders and hand tools (the old fashioned way). CNC plasma cutting has such a rapid cutting speed that it can travel up to 500 inches in one minute.

We use the latest CAD (Computer Aided Drawing) software to design and plasma cut anything from basic cuts, to complex shapes and profiles.

If you would like some plasma cutting done, please contact us today.

Holland Customized Services (HCS) offers a professional, portable line boring service to the greater Gippsland region and beyond.

Using a state of the art Bore Repair Systems, HSC will repair and refurbish your worn tired bores to be like new. In addition to repairing bores, bosses and flanges can also be built up and faced off in a fraction of the time, and produces a finish second to none.

Machining capabilities
Minimum diameter 50mm.
Maximum diameter 280mm
(Additional tooling can get machining down to 22mm and up to 600mm)  

Bore welding capabilities
Minimum diameter 60mm.
Maximum diameter 400mm.

If you have a job you would like us to do, please contact us today.